Bees, honey and mead all hold special places in. our ancestors's description of humankind's relationship with the sacred. Honey itself has long been viewed as originating in sacred realms in the form of dew on flowers that is then collected and stored by the bees. Mead is the fermentation of honey, producing liquor that allows human beings, for a time, to experience sacred states of mind.

It known - 1.2Kg clear honey

- 1.9 litres Fresh water

- 1 tsp dried yeast

- 2 mugs of fresh gorse petals

- 8 chillies, dried or fresh

Take a sterilised demijohn and pour in the honey, water, yeast, gorse petals and chillies. Stir thoroughly, either with a stick or by swirling the mixture around and then seal the opening with an airlock. Leave at room temperature  for 4-6 weeks, or until the water in the airlock stops bubbling. If possible, transfer the mixture into bottles using syphon, which means you can avoid the gorse petals and take out the clearest part of the liquid. Take care not to leave an air gap between the liquid and the bottle top. Stores bottles in a cool, dark place for a year before drinking.

​Recipe from  Food you can forage